In an age where the environmental crisis continues to threaten our planet, the Balance-Unbalance (BunB) 2018 conference presents a beacon of inspiration and collaborative opportunity. Emphasizing art, design, science, technology, and society’s critical role in sustainable progress, BunB aims to create a new, ecology-centered value system.

A Catalyst for Positive Change

Initiated as an annual gathering, the Balance-Unbalance conference serves as an energetic platform for dialogue, insight-birth, and innovative problem-solving arising from the global climate crisis. The 2018 theme focuses on “New Value Systems,” primarily driven by sustainability and social impact.

Blending Art and Science Through Trans-disciplinary Cooperation

BunB strongly advocates for the role of art and design as catalysts to explore nature-science-technology-society intersections. Each year, the conference zero’s in one or several pressing ecological challenges, emphasizing the importance of disciplined cooperation to catalyze unprecedented and holistic solution-finding.

BunB’s innovative approach allows for multiple perspectives – from artists, designers, scientists, economists, philosophers, politicians, policymakers, sociologists, entrepreneurs, and technologists – to converge. Its underlying conviction is that collective activism and intellectual exchange is paramount for engendering a profound ecological awareness.

New Value Systems: Sustainability and Social Impact

The 2018 edition gave special importance to ‘New Value Systems,’ as seen through the lens of sustainability and social impact. This focus transcends just acts of preservation. It delves into a transformational agenda – creating new means of evaluation, altering the way we perceive value in regards to the environment, and developing actionable strategies to ensure a more sustainable future for all.

Practical Applications and Economic Considerations

The 2018 conference sought to explore potential practical applications of these new value systems, like sustainable retail innovation, social value creation, city revitalization, revenue models for creative place makers, and understanding the ecological implications of cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, the conference aimed to analyze how to interface these new value concepts with the currently prevailing monetary system. This comprehensive approach is crucial in identifying the philosophical conflict and practical roadblocks that need to be navigated while enabling constructive transformation.

A Call for Active Participation

Whether you’re a local business, an international organization, or a passionate individual willing to contribute to this mission, BunB encourages active engagement. It seeks propositions from individuals around the globe who might have grand ideas to share or those who wish to help make a difference. This spirit of collective and global resonance is what makes BunB a unique and forward-thinking entity.

Balance-Unbalance continues to bring together diverse voices from around the world. This synergy illuminates the global climate crisis, identifies challenges – both seen and unseen – and thoughtfully crafts innovative solutions. Help us continue the journey towards understanding, addressing, and eventually overcoming the environmental crisis that we now face.

Final Reflections

Balancing our actions and effects on the environment requires a unification of minds, cross-pollination of ideas, and the diligence to carry out our plans. With events like the Balance-Unbalance International Conference, we are reminded of the importance of maintaining an interdisciplinary approach toward addressing environmental challenges. We look forward to shaping a future where environmental sustainability isn’t just an aspirational goal, but an intrinsic value within our societies.